How to Get in Touch With Producers for Reality Shows

by Annie WoodUpdated September 22, 2017

In the 1970s PBS aired a show called “An American Family.” This show followed the lives of the Loud family as they dealt with their family falling apart. This was our first reality TV show. There are currently hundreds of reality TV shows on prime-time and cable today. Contestants on these shows can win large sums of money, a marriage proposal from the potential love of their life and gobs of attention through national television exposure. Getting in touch with a reality TV show producer is the first step in being considered as a contestant for one of these popular TV shows.

Internet Movie Database

Log onto

Enter the name of producer in search box on

Click contact button. If an address, phone number or email address does not pop up, register for fees are: monthly - $12.95; annually - $99.95.

Imdb will list all the shows the producer has worked on in the past and the shows that are now in production. Find the name of the show you are interested in.

Search the show's website and look for submission procedure. Some producers would prefer you contact them via a casting director. They will list on their site if they would like you to send a photo through regular mail or email. Some shows may have open calls where you are able to show up in person to meet the producer.


If you have a question for a producer, introduce yourself first via email or regular mail to find out what is the best way to get on the show, or meet with him.


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