How to Reset Scores in Counter Strike Source

By Jennifer Eblin

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • EventScripts 2.0 (minimum)

  • ES_Tools.41

  • Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike: Source is a video game designed specifically for use on personal computers. This first-person shooter game lets you play as a counter-terrorist with your group competing against a group of terrorists, with a winner awarded in each level based on the accuracy of the team play. You may need to reset scores in Counter-Strike: Source for various reasons, including a freeze in the game play.

Visit the Add Ons website listed in the resources section and download the ES_Tools.41 application, which lets you reset your score. Right-click the application and save to your desktop. Open the file by unpacking the file using an application like WIN RAR.

Change the file by adding new information, which lets you reset your score and the score of any other players using the game. Open the addons/eventscripts/resetmyscore/config.cfg and add “!resetmyscore” after rms_cfg_players_cmd and add the same phrase after rms_cfg_admins_cmd if you want to reset the score of all players.

Add the phrase STEAMID_LAN,STEAM_0:0:9755387 after the rms_cfg_admins_list. After rms_cfg_enable_advert add 1 if you want the advert to begin on a round start, or add 0 if you want to stop the advert from displaying. This makes the necessary changes for the game to run properly with the reset scores and prevents you from losing your place in the game.

Open the cfg/autoexec.cfg file, which is part of the file you downloaded and opened in Step 1 after you‘ve closed the last file. Scroll to the bottom of the document and add es_xload resetmyscore. Close the file and it should automatically save your changes.

Close any open documents on your computer and turn the computer off. Once the computer finishes powering down, turn it back on. The next time you open Counter-Strike: Source, your score should be reset, as should the scores of other players if you chose that option.


Make sure that you enter all the codes exactly the same way. If the game doesn’t reset the scores, or if an error message turns up, you’ll need to follow the steps again and completely redo it.


You must have a minimum of ES_Tools.41 on your computer for this to work. If you don’t have the program, or you’re using an older version, then the reset won’t work. The process will work however on newer versions of ES_Tools.