Cheats for Drag Racer V3

By Brian Neese

Updated September 22, 2017

Drag Racer V3 is a drag racing simulator game for the computer. Players are able to drag race many of the most popular tuner cars in order to earn cash to pay for custom body kits and licensed performance modifications. Users of this game can take advantage of a number of cheats which can unlock items and enhance gameplay.

Cheat to Unlock Everything

The following cheat will give you $5 million and will unlock all cars and complete all tournaments. To do this cheat, go to Tuner Mode. Delete the name and type in "unclepeanuts" for the name. This code is case-sensitive; do not use spaces as well. Click on "Easy" as this is the only difficulty level at which the cheat will work.

After performing this cheat, there is an easy way to get a quick $2 million. Buy a Mclaren F1 (the best car in the game) and buy all available parts. Then race against another Mclaren for pink slips. If you rapidly hit "n" and "up" (the direction) for nitrous and to switch gears, you will easily win. Then you can sell the Mclaren you have won for $2 million.

Losing in Pink Slip Races

If you lose in a pink slip race, you can easily get your car back. Before entering a pink slip race, make sure you save your game every time. If you lose, then you can simply press the "Back" button on the top of the screen and then press the "Forward" button. You will receive your car back.

Adjusting Weight of the Car

You can adjust the weight of your car by changing the save name. In the field which is marked "coFRAWT," change the last field before the car name. Once you adjust this, you will be able to beat cars you normally wouldn't be able to beat. For instance, by changing this field from 1100 to 10, a Toyota Celica will be able to beat the "S" class race cars, which would normally not be possible.