GTA: San Andreas Cheats Codes

by Alan DonahueUpdated September 22, 2017

The “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” is one of the most in-depth releases of the game featuring detailed levels, lighting effects and a main character that can gain or lose weight depending on how he is played. The game features dozens of cheat codes that you can use throughout the game by typing them in while playing the game.


Instead of wasting money or trying to find weapons, use the following codes to help with weapon access.

Unlock the first set of weapons by pressing “R1," "R2," "L1," "R2," "Left," "Down," "Right," "Up, "Left," "Down," "Right" and "Up.”

Unlock the second set of weapons by pressing “R1," "R2," "L1," "R2," "Left," "Down," "Right," "Up," "Left," "Down," "Down" and "Left.”

Unlock the final set of weapons by pressing “R1," "R2," "L1," "R2," "Left," "Down," "Right," "Up," "Left," "Down," "Down" and "Down.”

Add full weapon aiming while driving by pressing “Up," "Up," "Square," "L2," "Right," "X," "R1," "Down," "R2" and "Circle.”


Get almost any car you want by using a variety of cheats.

Get a tanker by entering “R1," "Up," "Left," "Right," "R2," "Up," "Right," "Square," "Right," "L2," "L1" and "L1.”

Get a Trashmaster garbage truck by entering “Circle," "R1," "Circle," "R1," "Left," "Left," "R1," "L1," "Circle" and "Right.”

Get a limo by entering “R2," "Up," "L2," "Left," "Left," "R1," "L1," "Circle" and "Right.”

Improve car speed by entering “Up," "L1," "R1," "Up," "Right," "Up," "X," "L2," "X" and "L1.”

Make the cars fly by entering “Square," "Down," "L2," "Up," "L1," "Circle," "Up," "X" and "Left.”


Change the weather during any point in the game by entering the following codes.

Create fog by entering “R2," "X," "L1," "L1," "L2," "L2," "L2" and "X.”

Create morning by pressing “R2," "X," "L1," "L1," "L2," "L2," "L2" and "Square,” and create night by entering the same sequence except replacing “Square” with "Triangle."

Create a sand storm by typing “Up," "Down," "L1," "L1," "L2," "L2," "L1," "L2," "R1" and "R2.”

Create a standard storm by entering “R2," "X," "L1," "L1," "L2," "L2," "L2" and "Circle.”


Change the environment around you by using the following codes. Make all of the pedestrians look like Elvis by entering “L1," "Circle," "Triangle," "L1," "L1," "Square," "L2," "Up," "Down" and "Left.”

Make citizens attack by pressing “Down," "Up," "Up," "Up," "X," "R2," "R1," "L2" and "L2.”

Turn everyone into ninjas by typing “X", "X," "Down," "R2," "L2," "Circle," "R1," "Circle" and "Square.”

Get rid of everyone by pressing “X," "Down," "Up," "R2," "Down," "Triangle," "L1," "Triangle" and "Left.”

Turn almost everyone into a clown by entering “Triangle," "Triangle," "L1," "Square," "Square," "Circle," "Square," "Down" and "Circle.”


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