How to Download New Movies

By Damica Brownswood

Updated September 22, 2017

Using your computer to download movies is an easy way to view your favorite flicks and new releases. As you are researching the different ways to obtain your movie selections, keep in mind it is against the law to download any movie without the consent of the copyright holder. Before signing up with any movie downloading service, make sure the company is authorized to distribute your movie selection. This can be accomplished by reviewing its terms of service.

Sign up for a legitimate movie downloading site like Roxio Cinema Now. Registration is free, and you will only be charged for the items you choose to download.

Click on the new movies tab and begin to search for your selections. You can also use the advanced search key to locate movies by title. If you find the site difficult to navigate or overwhelming with titles, narrow your search by selecting a movie type.

Make your selections. You can choose to purchase your movies or rent your movies for a short period of time. All of your selections will be added to your cart. You will have the option to review your titles before committing to the purchase.

Proceed to check out. Review your cart and enter your credit card information.

Follow the instructions and links to properly download your movies.


Read all of the downloading instructions before making your purchase.


You will not be able to burn certain movie formats to a blank DVD. If your mission is to transfer your downloaded movies to an actual DVD, be sure this action is possible before making your purchase. Once you download a movie, you will not be able to return it.