Ways to Retrieve Deleted Information Off Mobile Phones

By Meaghan Ellis

Updated September 28, 2017

Isn't it just a pain when you delete information from your mobile phone that you needed, or ended up needing later on down the line? In most cases, they tell you when it is deleted it's a permanent loss. But this is not necessarily true. There are ways to retrieve and find deleted information from your cell phone, even when it seems like all hope is lost.

Information That Can Be Retrieved

Now, before you get extremely excited, let's discuss a few things. Not every single piece of information can be recovered once it is deleted from your cell phone. You can recover contacts, media, random phone numbers, and online downloads. Text messages and mobile Internet browsing history that have been deleted are simply gone with the wind. Your online login account for your mobile phone will only display the date and time text messages were sent and recieved, but you won't be able to actually read incoming and outgoing text messages.

Retrieve From Your SIM Card

SIM cards have become a strong asset in keeping up with personal information stored in cell phones. Contact information, downloaded mobile software and files, songs, ring tones, videos and other media can be stored to SIM cards for transferring and retrieval purposes. You can retrieve any deleted information from a phone by inserting its SIM card if the information is saved to the card. The only problem with SIM cards is that not all mobile carriers use SIM cards, and SIM cards are not compatible with all phones.

Logging Into Your Mobile Phone Account to Retrieve Information

This is a common way for most mobile users to retrieve deleted information from their phone. Most mobile phone accounts store archived versions of previous bills on the phone's online account. These bills can date back as far as 6 to 8 months prior to your current bill. With online access, you can retrieve phone numbers dialed from your cell phone's history, contacts and downloaded media. All you need is the account holder's information to create or access the phone's online account.