How to Buy New Release DVD Movies in Bulk

By Greyson Ferguson

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet access

If you are looking at starting up a movie rental business, or just want to increase your video library, you are going to want to look into purchasing newly released DVD movies in bulk. Not only is this going to save you money and the time it usually takes to acquire a large amount of movies, but it is going to increase your video collection in just a short period of time, giving you the best possible profit margin.

Navigate to a website such as or These two sites provide newer DVD movies for a fraction of the price you would pay at a local store.

Select the "Premium DVD Titles" package when at This gives you the newest available movies on the site.

Select the amount of movies you want. You can select among packages that deliver from 5 to 100 movies. You cannot select what movies you want when selecting packages, so if there is a particular movie you want the larger your bulk order the more likely you are to receive it. Click the "Add to Cart" tab and follow the purchasing process to complete your order.

Select the movies you want while at "" These movies are less expensive than the "" site, yet you have to pick them out one at a time. If you have extra time to choose the movies this may be the best option. If you need to buy multiple copies of one disk you are going to receive a discount once you buy more than 30 of the same movie. Finish your movie selections and click "Check Out." From here follow the purchasing process to complete your bulk DVD order.


eBay is another nice way to purchase DVD movies in bulk. Some users sell large amounts of DVD movies at the same time. The movies will often be used copies, but there usually will be nothing wrong with the copies. This is another great way to expand your movie collection.