How to Fix a PSP Start Button

By Craig Brewer

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Small Phillips head screwdriver

  • Soft clean cloth

Many common problems with the Start button on Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP), such as it sticking or needing to press it harder and harder, can be fixed by cleaning the head underneath the button. Opening a PSP is rather straightforward. Once done, you can clean the interior right away.

Remove the memory stick and any games in your PSP. Open the battery casing and remove it as well.

Unscrew the five screws that hold the faceplate to the console. Four are located on the back side, but one is underneath the screen on the bottom edge. Be sure to place these screws in a safe place, as they are very small.

Pull the plastic top of the "Start" button off of the PSP. Using a small clean cloth, remove any dust or residue from the top of the button head.

Wipe the area around the button as well, especially if you see any dust. Be careful not to touch the screen.

Replace the button covers and faceplate. Screw it back on, and test your PSP buttons.


Be sure not to touch the screen once the faceplate is removed as it scratches easily. If you continue to have problems with the button sticking, you can use a small nail file to shave a small edge of plastic from around the button cover.