How to Fix Corrupted PSP Eboots

By Joshua Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Sony PSP

  • Corrupted Eboot file

  • USB Cable

  • Computer

If you are trying to get your PSP to play eboot files, which are game files for the PSP, it can be very frustrating. If in the PSP game menu they come up as corrupted files, they are actually just saved in the wrong place on your memory stick. This is a very quick fix, and will only take a few minutes to sort out where it belongs. Where it belongs depends on what type of PSP you are running.

Turn on your PSP and connect it to your computer via the USB cable. You will automatically be put into USB mode when connected. A window will pop up on your computer that will allow you to access the memory stick inside your PSP.

Navigate to where you saved the Eboot file initially. There are three folders that are located in the PSP memory stick that have capability to run games, depending on the PSP model. These are called "GAME," "GAME#XX" and "GAME150." Make sure your Eboot is in the right folder. First-generation PSP models, or PSP Phats, play Eboots from the "GAME150" folder. Second-generation PSP models, also called the PSP Slim, play them from the "GAME" folder.

Cut/paste the Eboot files to their appropriate folder, and disconnect your PSP from the computer. Test the game by going into the PSP menu. If the game icon no longer says "Corrupted file," you can select it and play. If it still is corrupted, move the Eboot to another folder to test again until you find one that works.


Do not rip copyrighted games to the PSP, as it is illegal.