How to Fix a Hijacked Homepage

By James B. Jones

Updated September 15, 2017

Items you will need

  • Internet browser

  • Anti-spyware program

The Internet is a vast expanse with millions of Web sites devoted to just about everything under the sun. The more time you spend on the Internet, the more likely you'll eventually be asked if you want to change your home page. Sometimes, though, you'll be asked questions like "Did you like our site?" And if you answer yes, your home page will be automatically changed without your knowledge. This is home-page hijacking and it is most often done to slip spyware into your computer.

Fixing Hijacked Homepages

Open your Internet browser and go to you browser's options menu. Depending on the browser, this can either be listed under "options" or "settings."

Locate your home page options and delete any URL that is in the address bar.

Set your home page to either its default options or a safe URL like Google. Click "okay" or "close" to save your options.

Close your Internet browser and open your anti-spyware program. Run a complete system scan so the computer can find all spyware software that has been dumped on your hard drive.

Delete the infected files and reboot your computer to complete the fix.


This problem can usually be avoided by updating your Internet browser and having an effective firewall program running.


Do not attempt to manually delete infected files unless you know what you are doing. In doing so, you can damage some of the software on the computer -- even files associated with the operating system itself.