How to Download Music to a Flash Drive

By Christian Mullen

Updated September 28, 2017

Whether you are experienced with computers or a novice just starting to learn the intricacies of the computer, you can download music files to a flash drive for portability. By downloading music files to a flash drive, you can take them with you to listen to on another computer or, if your flash drive has the capabilities, on the flash drive itself.

Plug your flash drive into an open USB port. The computer will automatically recognize this portable drive and an icon will appear in your "Computer" menu. You can double click on the flash drive's icon to see what is currently on the drive.

Open the directory where the music you wish to download to your flash drive is located by searching for music on your computer. You can look at the contents of your computer by clicking the "Computer" link in the "Start" menu, which is the round Microsoft logo in the lower left-hand corner in Windows Vista. Older versions of Windows have the icon in the lower left as well, but often marked as "Start." Open another window to see where your flash drive is located by clicking on the "Computer" link in your "Start" menu in Windows. Locate your flash driveā€”it should be clearly marked as a removable drive.

One method of copying music is to drag the music file from its directory to the icon for your flash drive. To drag a file, left click on the file and hold the mouse button down. As you move the mouse, the file will also move and you can relocate it by moving it wherever you wish. This action will automatically download the file onto your flash drive by copying it and pasting it to the location you have dragged the file to.

Another method is to right click on the music file you have decided to download to your flash drive and then move your cursor and right click on "Copy" on the menu. Your computer has copied the file information for further use.

Next, double-click on your flash drive's icon to view its contents. Right click in the white area of the file directory for your flash drive and select "Paste." Your computer will now paste the copied music file onto your flash drive. You can see the progress of the download in the information box. It will display download rate and completion amount in real time.