How to Watch Free Hindi Movies Online

By Suchi Rudra

Updated September 22, 2017

Many Hindi language movies (most of which are Bollywood movies) are not available at the local video store for rent. The best place to find Hindi films is online. There are many Hindi movie websites where you can stream and download Hindi movies for free. But you can also find some general movie streaming sites that have a decent number of Hindi movies as part of their collection.

Decide upon the Hindi film that you want to watch online. If you don't have a movie in mind, you can read old and new Hindi movie reviews on websites such as Times of India.

Search for your selected movie on a Hindi movie website, such as Bharat Movies, or a general movie website, such as Watch Movies Online, that has a Hindi category. You can also find Hindi films on YouTube, but the movie file is usually available in around 10 different parts, some of which might be missing.

Make sure the website where you are streaming or downloading movies from offers its films with subtitles in your language if you do not understand Hindi language.

Start the movie stream by pressing play or download the movie if you plan to watch it later. Download time will vary depending on the speed of your Internet connection.


Be careful about what you choose to download onto your computer. The movie file might be loaded with viruses and spyware. Uploaded Hindi movies are often recorded in the theater, so quality of sound and image will not be as high as watching a DVD. Hindi movies are much longer than an average Hollywood film, often clocking in at around 3 hours or more.