How to Restore a Sony Vaio Without a Disk

by Stephen LilleyUpdated September 28, 2017

In the not-too-distant past, the only way to restore a computer after something disabled the operating system was to reinstall the operating system from restore discs. These discs would come packaged with your computer and would restore your computer to the initial Windows operating system in the event that you downloaded a virus or some other calamity occurred. Nowadays restore discs are a thing of the past. You can easily restore your Sony VAIO without a restore disc.

Restart your Sony Vaio if it is already on. If it's off, turn it on.

Press "F12" several times as the the computer starts to enter the restore mode. Depending on the model of Sony VAIO, you may have to press either "F11" or "ESC" to enter this restore mode. This must be done before your operating system begins to load. If you see the Windows logo on screen, restart the computer and try again.

When you enter restore mode, choose the option that is most appropriate to your needs. You will be presented with three options: create a set of recovery discs, attempt to repair your operating system's installation or restore your operating system. Repairing your operating system will attempt to fix your computer without deleting any of your personal files. Restoring your operating system will delete everything on your hard drive and return your computer to its original factory settings.

Wait for the restore process to complete. Depending on the type of restore you've selected, you may have to wait as little as a few minutes and as much as an hour. When the process is finished, the computer will restart.

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