How to Get Relic Weapons RF Online

By Matthew Anderson

Updated September 22, 2017

Relic weapons in RF Online are more powerful than the normal weapons that are available at level 50. These weapons are a reward for completion of the DarkHole battle dungeon. This dungeon is an instanced zone for up to eight players that are level 40 or higher. A DarkHole key is required to enter this battle dungeon. This key is a random drop from mobs in the Ether in the Sky zone.

Kill mobs in the Ether in the Sky zone until you receive a DarkHole Key.

Go to the Gate Keeper NPC in your race’s headquarters.

Form an eight-person party with other players and have them gather around the Gate Keeper NPC. All of the party members must be at least level 40.

Talk to the Gate Keeper NPC to open a portal to the DarkHole battle dungeon. You will be sent to the first arena of the dungeon when you enter the portal.

Complete all of the arenas in DarkHole. You will be sent to the next arena after you complete the arena you are currently in.

Receive the relic weapon as your battle dungeon reward during the mission report.


RF Online battle dungeons have time limits. DarkHole has a 120-second time limit to complete each arena.


The portal opened by the Gate Keeper will only be open for a short amount of time. Be sure your entire party is ready to enter it before you open it.