Free Games to Play With a Controller

By John Vann

Updated September 22, 2017

Video games can be quite expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of the video game console itself, extra hardware and peripherals. Thankfully Microsoft and its Xbox 360 system offer complete games that are absolutely free. These games can be downloaded by anyone with an Internet connection and an Xbox 360 and can be played at any time you wish using your Xbox 360 controller.

Free Xbox 360 Games

"Aegis Wing" is arguably the most popular arcade game that has been made freely available for download on the Xbox 360 to date. Released on May 16, 2007, "Aegis Wing" is a side-scrolling spaceship shooter that features six fully playable levels with an intense and challenging boss fight at the end of each one. You’ll have four separate super weapons at your disposable, and you can join forces with up to three more of your friends for an even larger space battle. With simple controls and the ability to adjust the difficulty level, "Aegis Wing" is fun for the entire family.

The most recent of free downloadable game to reach Xbox 360 consoles, "Dash of Destruction" is not only a game but a full-blown advertisement for Doritos as well. Released Dec. 17, 2008, and available for free via the Xbox Live Marketplace, "Dash of Destruction" features two separate game modes. You can play as a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex trying to chase down and devour the Doritos delivery truck or you can choose to drive the truck and avoid the T-Rex; the choice is yours.

Released Oct. 4, 2006, "TotemBall" was the first arcade game to be made available as a free download from the Xbox Live Marketplace, but there is a catch. To play "TotemBall" on your Xbox 360, you’ll need to have Xbox Live Vision, the console’s own answer to the webcam. With it, however, up to two people can play "TotemBall" simultaneously as you try to find all of the musical totems hidden throughout the jungle.

Several other titles have been available for free for a limited time in the past. The price of titles such as "Texas Hold’Em" and "Undertow" have been reduced to nothing, but now you need to pay if you want to download them. Another Xbox 360 arcade game, "Toyota’s Yaris" was also available as a free download, though the promotion only lasted for a year.