How to Delete Old PC Games

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Whether you own a Steam game or a retail disc game, you can use the Uninstall a Program feature in Windows 8 to delete the game. Steam games can also be uninstalled within the client itself.

Uninstall a Program

Press the "Start" key and type "Control Panel" to begin a search. Click "Control Panel" when it appears to open a new window. Alternatively, you can press the "Start" and "I" keys together to open the Settings charm, clicking "Control Panel" directly from there.

Click "Uninstall a Program" under the Programs category. If you don't see this, click the drop-down menu next to "View By" and select "Category." Opening Programs and Features may take several minutes depending on how many games you have installed.

Click the game to delete, followed by either "Uninstall" or "Uninstall/Change," depending on the program. The instructions from here will vary but direct you on removing the game.

Uninstall a Steam Game

Hover the cursor over "Library" in the Steam client to reveal a menu. Click "Installed" to show only games that you currently have installed on the computer.

Right-click the game you want to delete. This opens a little menu with several options.

Click "Delete Local Content." When prompted, click "OK" to confirm. Depending on the size of the game, it might take several minutes to conclude, but you can keep using the software in the meantime.


Some games leave behind content in the registry. You can search the registry for the leftover files, but be sure to back it up before making any changes.

If you want to delete a game application from the Microsoft Store, tap and hold or right-click the app to uninstall right from the icon.


Don't just delete folders to delete a game. This leaves clutter in folders that normally would be deleted during a proper uninstallation.