How to Convert CDs to MP3

By Andrew Smith

Updated September 28, 2017

Converting songs from a CD into MP3 format gives you the option of adding those songs to a portable MP3 player. The software program Windows Media Player can be used to rip songs from a CD onto the computer and save those songs as MP3 files. This process can be completed with CDs purchased from a retailer as well as CDs that have been burned using an audio software program such as Windows Media Player. This process will allow you to convert CDs to MP3s on your PC.

Open Windows Media Player.

Click “Tools.” Choose “Options.” A small “Options” window will open.

Choose the “Rip Music” tab. You will then need to click on the “Format” box located in the middle of the Options window. Once you click the box, several options will show up. Choose “MP3.” Click “Apply” to save the changes you've made. Close the Options window.

Place the CD you want to convert into the computer.

Select the “Rip” button that is located in the middle of the toolbar at the top of Windows Media Player. Once you do, every song that is on the CD will appear in the center of the software program.

Click the boxes found to the left of every song you wish to convert. When you click a box, a check mark will show up inside of that box.

Click on the “Start Rip” button at the very bottom of Windows Media Player. The files on the CD will be saved onto the computer as MP3 files.


Although Windows Media Player is available for Macs, these instructions may vary for Mac users.