How to Get to the Secret Lots on the Sims 2 Bon Voyage

By Racheal Ambrose

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • "The Sims 2"

  • "The Sims 2 Bon Voyage"

Three secret lots exist on "The Sims 2 Bon Voyage": Pagoda in the Shadows at Takemizu Village, Mystery Hut at the Twikkii Island and Hidden Burrow at the Three Lakes. They all can be found by either digging up a map or taking a tour, but they appear randomly.

Book the Vacation

Use the telephone to book a vacation. Click on "Vacation," then "Book a vacation." A window pops up asking you to choose a location, time length, departure date and lodgings. Click on either Takemizu Village, Twikkii Island or Three Lakes. Next to the location box, a box lists the length of the trip. Click one. Click when you want to leave in the next box. Next choose your hotel from the fourth box. Click on the names of hotels to learn prices. All four lists are in one large window.

A window pops up asking who is going on the vacation. Babies and pets should stay home. A nanny will come to take care of children.

Once the taxi picks up your Sim and drops him off at a hotel, click on a room door to check in.


Now that you are at a vacation spot, click somewhere on the ground, then choose "Dig for treasure." The Sim may dig up a map to a secret location.

If he gets a map, go to a phone and click "Go Somewhere > ?."

A taxi will arrive and take the Sim to the secret lot.


The Wise Old Man lives at the Pagoda in the Shadows. He teaches a dragon story if you become friendly with him.

The Witch Doctor lives at the Mystery Hut. Repair his items and receive a voodoo doll.

Bigfoot lives at the Hidden Burrow. Bigfoot is maxed out on skills and talent badges and can move in with you.

Not all secret spots have bathrooms, beds or food. Fill the need bars before going.


Have enough money to pay for the vacations and any tours before you leave.