How to Convert an XBox 360 from PAL to NTSC

by Matthew Anderson ; Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PAL to NTSC converter

  • Video cable (AV or S-Video)

  • Voltage converter

There are three different Xbox 360 versions manufactured for different regions. The European version of the Xbox 360 is built for the PAL television broadcasting standard used in Europe. Countries such as the United States, Japan and Canada use a different broadcasting standard called NTSC. The European Xbox 360 will not work properly, if at all, directly connected to an NTSC television. It is possible, though to convert the PAL television signal to allow the Xbox 360 to be used properly on an NTSC television.

Connect the Xbox 360 video cable to the input port on the PAL-to-NTSC converter.

Connect the video cable to the output port of the converter.

Connect the opposite end of the cable to the input port of the television set.

Switch the converter into PAL to NTSC mode. This is only necessary if the converter has a manual switch for the input and output modes.

Plug the power supply of the Xbox 360 into a voltage converter. PAL Xbox 360s use the EU standard (230 V, 50 Hz).

Turn on the Xbox 360 and television. The PAL Xbox 360 will now be sending an NTSC signal to the television.


  • Make sure the PAL-to-NTSC converter has PAL as an available input mode and NTSC as an available output mode. Most converters have PAL and NTSC as selectable input and output modes, but exceptions exist.

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