How to Make a Slideshow With Music

by Ryan MenezesUpdated September 28, 2017
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Music that plays in the background of your PowerPoint business presentation can help enhance the show's different slides. The music can play in addition to other recorded audio or can serve as a backdrop to your own oral narration. One challenge in making a slideshow with music is that each PowerPoint audio clip plays on a single slide by default, stopping when the show transitions to a new slide. But you can configure PowerPoint to play a single piece of music across the entire presentation.

Scroll to the first slide in your presentation using the Slides panel.

Click the ribbon's "Insert" tab and click "Audio" in the Media group to open the Insert Audio dialog box.

Navigate to and select your music file to add to the slide, represented by a loudspeaker icon.

Click the ribbon's "Playback" tab and click the "Start" drop-down box in the ribbon's Audio Options group. The "On Click" option is selected by default.

Select "Play across slides" from the drop-down list.

Click the check box next to "Loop Until Stopped" if the presentation outlasts the music.


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