How to Make a Needlepoint Pattern

By Tricia Chaves

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Internet access

  • Digital file of a photo or image to create the pattern

  • Printer

Tricia Chaves and her husband in a Pic2Point needlepoint pattern
i Tricia Chaves

Perhaps you want to surprise a happy couple by creating a handmade wedding gift. Make a pattern and cross-stitch a pillow using a digital print of their engagement photo. Maybe you know a mom-to-be who's planning a themed nursery. Create a coordinating piece of wall art with an image from your PC. Get crafty this holiday season and stitch a winter scene or Santa on a set of stockings for your mantle. Your options are only limited by your imagination.

Log on to

Upload the photo or image of your choice by clicking the button "Choose File," locating the image on your computer, selecting it, then clicking the button that says ''Upload.'.

Specify the number of colors you'd like to use (from two to 32), the thread count of your design (from eight to 24) and the width of your canvas in inches (from 4 to 36), or just keep the figures recommended by the site.

Click the button that says "Click to Preview" to get a reproduction of your image in needlepoint with the settings you've provided. Use your mouse to adjust the settings if you want to make changes.

Click "Create Pattern" to create a PDF image of the pattern with the specifications you've made.

Click on the text "Download or View Your Pattern" to open the PDF file or right-click on the text to save the file to your computer.

Print the pattern. You will notice the front page is a guide to the threads you should use in your design (color names, examples and code numbers are provided), plus a color-key to use when you stitch your design.