How to Use Action Replay on a Gamecube

By Jacqui Lane

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Action Replay for GameCube

  • Compatible game

Use Action Replay on a Gamecube

Action Replay is a game-enhancing device developed by Datel for many different game systems. The GameCube version of the Action Replay allows users to activate preprogrammed cheat codes for some of the system's most popular titles as well as add new titles and codes. You can also play import games from any region using Action Replay's FreeLoader software.

Insert the Action Replay disc into your GameCube. Plug the Action Replay memory card into the second memory card slot on the GameCube and power up the system.

Using the controller, select "Action Replay Codes" from the main menu. Select the game region for which you want to see codes.

Select a game from the list that appears. Press "A" to toggle a specific code on or off. When you are done, press the Start button.

Remove the Action Replay disc when prompted, and insert your game disc to begin playing the game with the cheats enabled.

Launch the Action Replay software as described in Step 1 above.

Select "Action Replay Codes" from the menu and then select the appropriate region.

Select "Add New Game" from the Game Select screen to add a new title. Enter the title of the new game using the controller and the on-screen keyboard and select "Done" when finished.

Select the title for which you wish to add new codes. Select "Add New Code" and enter a description of the code followed by the code itself using the on-screen keyboard. Choose "Done" to save the code.


To play an import game, select "FreeLoader" and insert your game disc when prompted.


When using FreeLoader, use a separate memory card to save your game. The software will reformat the memory card to ensure compatibility with the game. You risk losing all of your previously saved games if you try to boot an import game with your primary memory card inserted.