How to Beat the Peggle 750,000 Challenge

By Alyssa LaRenzie

Updated September 22, 2017

"Peggle" is a computer game in which the player tries to clear the orange pegs from the board in pachinko-meets-pinball action. Players often regard the 750,000-point challenge as the most difficult in the game. Picking a good level to attempt the challenge is a challenge in itself. Users have found that a few levels are easier, with Beyond Reason and Das Bucket ranking high in popularity.

Beyond Reason

Select the last level, Beyond Reason, and choose the Zen Master as your guide. The famed 18-million point Peggle shot was achieved on this level.

Clear out all the pegs, both orange and blue, from at least one side of the double helix. Avoid hitting the center. Hitting all the orange pegs from both sides before aiming for the helix will maximize your points.

Hit a green peg to bring up the Zen Master for the next turn.

Aim the zen ball about halfway down the wall after the bucket passes from under the helix toward that side. The Zen Master should correct the shot to bounce off the bucket into the double helix. The movement will cause the ball to move all the way up to the top, clearing all the remaining pegs. This part may take some practice.

Das Bucket

Select Das Bucket from Stage 1, and pick Warren, the rabbit, as your guide.

Get an extreme slide and--if you're lucky enough--an orange attack by sliding the ball along the curve. The bonuses will give you 100,000 points. Aim the ball near the top where the peg touches the wall. To maximize your score, hit a green peg and try for the triple-points bonus.

Clear the remaining pegs in as few shots as possible, saving a green peg for last. Aim toward the center of three pegs in the middle section to hit more in a single shot.

Hit the green peg when you can clear the remaining orange pegs in the next shot and hope for the triple bonus. Then, when you hit the last orange peg, your extreme fever shot will get triple points.

Other Levels

Choose the Pearl Clam level using Warren or Claude as your guide. With Warren, wait until you spin flippers and triple points on the first shot. The flippers keep the ball in play easily on this level, so you can hit many pegs.

Select the first level, Peggleland, using Warren or Reinfeld. Clear the board in as few shots as possible, saving at least one green peg for second to last with a three times bonus. If you're using the spooky ball, leave a section of the board for the final shot. Then, two balls will get an extreme fever bonus.

Pick The Last Flower level using Warren. Restart until a green peg is in the moving circle. Bounce the ball off of a peg below the bottom side so it will get stuck in the circle and clear it in one shot. Spin triple bonus with the green peg.


Using Warren as your guide and saving the green peg for last in hopes of triple points may make it possible to beat this challenge on any level.

Style points for extreme slides or long shots can also boost your score over 750,000 points.