How to Make Your Desktop Computer Wireless

By Contributor

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Desktop internal or USB Wi-Fi adapter

  • Screw driver -- required for internal installation

Wireless networking simplifies connecting all your computers to the Internet. Equipping a desktop system with wireless capabilities removes any cables you have lying around and provides computer placement flexibility. Two options exist to add Wi-Fi to your desktop system. USB adapters provide easy installation and compatibility with most systems. Internal Wi-Fi adapters add wireless networking capabilities without using any outside ports or slowing the USB bus.

Purchase an internal or USB Wi-Fi adapter online or at your local computer store. Be sure to check your computer's manual to purchase a compatible internal adapter.

Turn off your computer to install an internal adapter. Remove the casing and slot cover using the screw driver and the instructions in your computer's manual. Insert the wireless card and screw it into place. Plug in USB adapters while the computer is running.

Insert the CD provided with your wireless adapter. Run the setup program from the "Computer" icon in the "Start" menu if it doesn't run automatically. Follow the prompts to install the driver.

Click the small Wi-Fi icon in the Taskbar next to the clock. Select your wireless network from the list and click on it to connect. Enter your network password when prompted.