How to Watch Free Theater Movies

by ContributorUpdated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PC or Laptop

  • TV (optional)

Today going to the movies is just as expensive as going out to eat for dinner. You have to choose to do one or the other. Here is some great info on watching free movies that are in the theater and then you can go out for dinner too.


Go http://www.watch-movies-links.net or http://66stage.com.

Both of these are great sites, it doesn't matter which one you choose. I have both of them saved in my favorites. Sometimes you may find that one site has a movie you are looking for but the other doesn't.

Search for a movie. You can search by name, theme, top rated or new releases on watch-movies.net. The movies are also rated on how good the movie shows. Also pay attention to the "movie work?" rating.

On 66stage.com the movies that are available to watch are listed on the right hand side.

Click on your movie and press the play button.


If you have a laptop you can connect it to your tv to watch the movie.

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