How to Get Text Messages Online After Losing a Phone

By Faizah Imani

Updated September 28, 2017

If you have temporarily lost access to your text messages because you've lost your mobile phone, there are many websites that will allow you to send and receive text messages without your phone. Some of the websites will allow you to receive unlimited text messages for free, while others may charge a monthly fee after you have exceeded their free monthly quota.

Visit a website that will allow you to use their online text messaging software. You can find a few of these websites in the "Additional Resources" section of this article.

Select the option to sign up as a new user. During the signup process, you will need to provide information such as an e-mail address, username, password and your mobile telephone number.

Check your e-mail inbox for a confirmation e-mail from the text messaging website. Click on the link inside of the e-mail to confirm and activate your account.

Log into your new account using the username and password that was created in step 2.

Select the option to read your text messages or check your inbox. The wording will vary depending on the website that you are using. Some websites will only allow you to read responses to text messages that you have sent from their website, whereas other websites, such as, will allow you to read all of the text messages that are sent to your mobile number.