How Do I Block All Pop-Ups?

By Justin H. Pot

Updated September 28, 2017

If you hate pop-ups, don't worry as you are not alone. You also do not need to worry because getting rid of these annoying ads is easy. Pop-up free browsing is only a download and an install away. Get rid of those distractions and get back to getting things done.


A pop-up is a browser window that opens as you are browsing the web, without your permission. Typically such windows display advertising. Generally considered a nuisance, this invasive form of advertising can interrupt your work flow and, in some extreme cases, slow down or even crash your computer.


The easiest way to eliminate pop-ups is to switch browsers to Firefox. Firefox is a free, open-source browser which, among other things, blocks all unwanted pop-ups by default. This means you will never again go to a site only to have a pop-up interrupt you. In the case that you wanted a particular pop-up, a notification at the top of the window will allow you to open it and even set the browser to allow pop-ups from a particular site. This means you will never miss out on content you want just because your pop-up blocker eliminated it.


If you switched to Firefox and continue to be constantly interrupted by pop-ups, check the icon on the pop-up's window. If the icon is that of Internet Explorer instead of Firefox the pop-up is the result of spyware you have on your computer. Even if the icon on the window is that of Firefox, if such pop-ups open even when you are not using your computer, the pop-up is the result of spyware or a trojan horse virus. Do a virus and spyware scan as soon as possible to eliminate the problem.

Keep Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer and want to keep using Internet Explorer, you can still block all pop-ups by installing the Google Toolbar. While this toolbar does take up space on your screen as well as system resources, it can block all pop-ups in Internet Explorer much the same way Firefox does by default. Try it out if pop-ups are weighing you down but a browser switch isn't practical.