How to Have Your TV Display Caller ID From Phone

By Ashley Kurz

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Caller ID for TV box with instructions

  • AC power cord for your specific box model

  • Three-way cable splitter

  • Male RCA connector

  • 3.5 mm stereo jack/audio out connector

  • Television

  • Active landline telephone service with caller id subscription

  • Elecrical Outlet

  • Phone jack that isn't in use

Caller ID has been a convenient option with your landline telephone service for years. Now, there is an option to have the caller ID displayed on your television screen. If you have the option for this service through a "service bundle" from your cable or phone company, it's generally free of charge. If not, you can get the service at a small cost. You'll need to purchase a "Caller ID for TV box". They range in price from $50 to $120.

Plug the RCA connector into the video input on your Caller ID for TV Box, and the other end into the video output on your cable or satellite box.

Insert the 3.5-mm stereo jack/audio-out connector into the audio input on the caller ID box. The other end will go into the same device you plugged the video output into.

On your 3-way cable splitter, there are 3 receptacles. On the side that has two receptacles, attach your main cable or satellite line to one of these. On the other connector of the same side, connect a cable between the Caller ID for TV Box and the splitter.

Connect the remaining female connector on your splitter to your television using a cable.

Connect your phone cord between the wall jack and the Caller ID for TV box.

Attatch the AC power cord between your box and your elecrtical outlet.

Follow the programming instructions for your specific model of caller ID.