How to Sync Your Wii Balance Board Correctly

by eHow Contributor ; Updated September 22, 2017

Syncing your Wii balance board with your Wii console can sometimes be tricky if the system is not cooperating. There are many Wii games that use the balance board and it is essential that it be synced properly with the console.

Check the batteries on your Wii balance board. Try inserting four new AA batteries.

Insert a compatible game into the disk drive. The Wii balance board will not work if a game that does not require a balance board is inserted into the drive.

Turn on your console after inserting a compatible disk.

Open the front cover of your console and then remove the battery cover from the bottom of your Wii balance board. You are about to sync the two.

Push the "Sync" button on the bottom of the balance board (as you do this, a blue light will begin to flash). When the blue light is flashing, press the red "Sync" button on your Wii console. The blue light should stop blinking and remain constant. The Wii console and balance board have been synced.

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