Cooking Games for Girls to Play

By Daniel Westlake

Updated September 22, 2017

Girls everywhere relate to online cooking games.

Cooking games can teaching girls cooking basics and give them a general understanding of the food-service industry. Numerous websites and board games offer similar cooking games, but only a few are entertaining or informative. All of these games help girls so when they do get into the kitchen, they'll have some idea of what they are doing and be ready to cook hands-on.

Cooking Championship offers several interactive flash games that vary in difficulty. One of the more entertaining and informative is Cooking Championship, based on the TV show "Iron Chef." Players are given a recipe and asked to make it faster than the computer chef. This not only instructs girls on how to make specific dishes but how to cook efficiently under pressure. As you win and get a higher score, the chefs become progressively better and faster, forcing you to keep up.

What Is Your Menu? offers many cooking games that vary in style, tone and objective. Cooking games, kitchen games and food-service games are covered, sometimes all in one game. What Is Your Menu? is a challenging game where players must serve impatient customers food and drink at the counter in a small shop. A ticking clock and a constant flow of orders makes this game an intense but engrossing experience, showing the life of someone working by herself in the food-service industry.

Crazy Chefs

If a computer or Internet game isn't available, cooking board games can teach and entertain just as well. Crazy Chefs is a board game that consists of a series of cards with a cartoon chef imagining a finished dish--kebabs, cupcakes, pizza. Each card has pictures of the implements and ingredients of each dish. Players must flip over tiles, collecting the right ones to cook the meal. Once you've made your dish, you must collect a plate and serve it to your opponent. While this game may bore adults, girls seem to love it and learn from it.