How to Create a Newspaper Template with Publisher

By Editorial Team

Updated September 28, 2017

Create your own newspaper using Microsoft Publisher.
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Newspapers should include trustworthy news and events that grab your reader's attention. The information should be resourceful and to the point, with clear headings, columns and easy to follow formatting. You'll find editorial notes, job postings, ads, articles and other useful content in a newspaper. These are things to consider when you create a newspaper template for your school, neighborhood or workplace. Since newspapers are similar to newsletters, you can follow a newsletter format to create your template. Microsoft Publisher provides flexible newsletter templates you can customize to create a newspaper template that suits the purposes of your project.

Open Microsoft Publisher and select "Publications for Print" from the "New from design" pane. Select "Newsletters" from the left category under "Publications for Print" and scroll through the thumbnails to find the template style you want to use.

Look for newsletters with images, headings and columns -- elements that typify newspaper design -- and click on the layout you want to use. A new document from the template opens on your screen. Select one- or two-sided printing under "Newsletter Options."

Click on any text boxes you want to remove by hitting the "Delete" key. View your sections and text more clearly by selecting the zoom feature.

How to Create a Newspaper Template with PublisherChange any images by right-clicking on them and selecting "Change Picture, Clipart" or "Change Picture, From File."

Choose the number of columns for your newsletter template by selecting "Page Content" from the left pane and picking the thumbnail with the number of columns you want.

Click on the "Insert Page" link on the bottom of the left pane within "Page Content" to insert a page to your newsletter.

Switch your design by selecting the "Publication Designs" link from the left pane and scrolling through the designs. Click on the design thumbnail you want to apply to your newspaper.

Change the column schemes for your template by selecting "Color Schemes" from the left pane and applying new colors. You can create your own colors by clicking on the "Custom color scheme.

Modify your fonts theme by selecting "Font Schemes" from the left pane and choosing the font you'd like to use. You can also change your font-scheme options, style and formatting in this pane. To change a font for your text individually, highlight it and select "Format, Font" from the toolbar.

Add the headlines you want your newspaper to include. Insert placeholders for job postings, ads and editorial notes by updating the existing columns.

Save your newsletter template when you are satisfied with your creation by clicking "File" and then Save As" from the toolbar. Change "Save as Type" to "Publisher Template" and name your template.

Click on "Save." Your newspaper template is now complete. Double-clicking it will open a new document based on the template you created.