How to Fix the Touch Screen on the Leapster 2

By Editorial Team

Updated September 22, 2017

The Leapster 2 is a handheld electronic learning device on which kids can play educational games. Sometimes the touch screen will stop working; this often happens due to kids accidentally recalibrating it by pressing random buttons; however, you can easily fix the touch screen on the Leapster 2 by recalibrating it.

Remove any cartridge from the Leapster 2 unit.

Hold down the "Hint" button (it's the one marked "?") while you turn the unit on. Make sure you are pressing the "Hint" key before, during and after pressing the "Power" button. Continue holding down the "Hint" key until the Leapster 2 Menu appears.

Press "A" to select "Touch Calib" and start the touch screen calibration process. The text "Starting touch calibration" will appear on the screen briefly, followed by a black screen with a white cross in the upper-left corner.

Touch the crosshair that appears with the stylus pen. When you touch it, the crosshair will change to four dots, then a new crosshair will appear on the screen. Touch each consecutive crosshair with the stylus pen (there are five in total); this recalibrates the screen.

Turn the Leapster off, then turn it back on again. The touch screen should now be working properly.