How to Play Wii With DirecTV

By Brad Maddy

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • TV with Composite Inputs (Red, White and Yellow connectors)

  • DirecTV composite cable

  • Wii composite cable

Connecting your Nintendo Wii to your television system can be tricky if you have a DirecTV system. Unless your television has multiple inputs, you may not be able to connect the Wii directly to your system without using an adapter. Older televisions typically have only one set of composite inputs, and the DirecTV receiver usually occupies those inputs. Fortunately, there is a way for you to work around this problem.

Go to your local electronics supply store and purchase a composite A/V selector switch. Two-port switches are available for under $20. Four-port switches are also available if your have multiple devices to connect.

Remove the DirecTV cable from the composite inputs on your television. These inputs are typically located on the back of an older TV.

Plug the composite inputs from the A/V switch into the back of the television.

Reconnect the DirecTV cable into one slot in your A/V switch and the cable from the Wii in the next slot.

Select which input you wish to use on the switch. Press the first button to select DirecTV, or press the second switch to use your Nintendo Wii.


If you have multiple composite inputs on your television, plug the Wii directly into the other set of inputs and use the "TV/Video" button on your television remote to switch between the Wii and your DirecTV.