How to Play Import Games With the PS2 Action Replay Max

By Chappy Sinclair

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PlayStation 2

  • Action Replay MAX

The Action Replay MAX is a "gamebreaker" for the Sony PlayStation 2 game console. While its primary use is for unlocking cheat codes for all games, it also enables the user to play imported DVDs.

Turn off the PlayStation 2 console.

Insert the Region X key into an available memory card slot on the PS2.

Insert the Action Replay MAX disc into the PS2. This will open a menu.

Under "Region," select the region number (1-6) of the import disc you want to play. The region number is usually displayed on the disc, the packaging or both. For a list of region-specific codes, see Resources.

Press the "X" button on the PS2 controller. This will prompt the disc drive to open. Remove the Action Replay MAX disc. Insert the game or DVD you want to play.

Select the DVD from the PS2 browser to begin playback.


Action Replay MAX reads only DVDs. You will not be able to play imported games for the original PlayStation console because the "PS1" uses the CD-R format.