How to Convert PAL PS2 Games to NTSC

By Chappy Sinclair

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • ADR Patcher

  • ISO file of the game you want to convert

  • Blank DVD-R

For those gamers who like to import games or travel frequently, learning how to manually convert PS2 games between PAL and NTSC can save a lot of time and money on buying new versions of the same game. The conversion process is simple and will work with any game.

Download and launch ADR Patcher (see Resources).

Select the browse button and find the ISO you want to convert.

Change the conversion setting to ".PS2 PAL -> NTSC PATCH ROUTINE (NO Y POS)."

Click "Begin Search." When prompted, click "Patch."

Burn the patched ISO to a DVD-R. It will now work on an NTSC television.


Using a higher quality DVD-R will increase the chances of a successful ISO burn.