How to Create an Email Signature in Lotus Notes

By Cooper Temple

Updated September 28, 2017

Lotus Notes, manufactured and distributed by IBM, is a program designed to facilitate email communications and instant messaging. While predominantly used in the business world, the software can easily be used by independent consumers. In addition to many features to make each user’s email unique, a signature can be added to outbound emails by following some simple steps.

Log in to the Lotus Notes program.

Open your Lotus Notes "Mail" folder.

Click the "Actions" drop-down menu, select "Tools" and choose "Preferences."

Click the "Signature" tab of the Preferences window.

Click the "Text" radio button to create a text signature. Type the text that you would like to appear as the signature into the Signature box. Click the "HTML or Image File" radio button to insert a graphic signature. Using the "Browse" function, select an image file to insert as the signature.

Click once in the box preceding the "Automatically append..." option to automatically insert your signature to each outgoing message. If you do not want your signature to appear on each outbound message, skip this step and move on to Step 7.

Click the "OK" button when you have finished creating your signature.