Milton Bradley Mousetrap Instructions

By Contributing Writer

Updated September 22, 2017

Mouse Trap is a children's game by the Hasbro division of Milton Bradley. The object of the game is to capture your opponent's mice by building a mouse trap as you move around the board. The person with the last mouse left wins. The fun of this game is in building the amusing contraptions to trap the mice. The game is for two to four players and for ages 6 and older.

Playing the Game

Players take turns rolling the die and moving the number of spaces on the die. Players follow the directions on the spaces where they have landed. Some of the spaces are marked Move Ahead, Go Back, Take a Cheese or Lose a Cheese, and Safe. There are special spaces, too.

Build Space

Land on the Build Space and build part of the mouse trap. The parts are numbered and must be built in order. Follow the directions that came with your game or that are on the Milton Bradley page to build the Mouse Trap according to plan. Whenever a part is added to the trap, the player who adds the part gets to take a piece of cheese.

Cheese Spaces

Take a piece of cheese whenever you land on the Take a Cheese space. The space that you land on will instruct you as to how many pieces of cheese you may take from the cheese pile. If there are no more pieces of cheese in the pile, you may take a piece of cheese from your opponent. Land on the Lose a Cheese space and you have to return cheese to the pile.

Turn the Crank Space

Turn the crank clockwise to trap one of your opponent's mice. When the trap has been completely built and your opponent has a mouse on the Cheese Wheel space, you may try to capture the mouse. If the mouse isn't trapped, your opponent can keep moving forward on his turn.

Move Your Opponent's Mouse

Land on the Turn the Crank space and move your opponent's mice. If your opponent has landed on a Cheese Wheel space, you can opt to return a piece of cheese to the cheese pile and move your opponent's piece. You can continue to move your opponent's mouse as long as you have a piece of cheese to return.

Winning the Game

After taking turns rolling the die and following the directions on the board to first build the mouse trap and then trap your opponent's mice, you will be the winner if you have the last mouse remaining on the board.