Wiring Diagrams for Satellite Dishes

By Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Updated September 28, 2017

It's important to use the right wiring diagram for your particular kind of satellite dish.
i satellite dish image by John Sandoy from Fotolia.com

Satellite dish wiring diagrams guide you in installing your equipment correctly. Diagrams are two-dimensional images of information. They include various pictures, data, connecting lines and are often called illustrations, charts or tables. If you can read a wiring diagram for satellite dishes, you can install one yourself. It is very important to use the correct wiring diagram for your precise satellite dish.

Identify your satellite dish. A diagram will not be useful if you do not use the precise one indicated. Even though many of the satellite systems can be installed about the same way, there could be slight variations that would make all the difference in the world. You must locate the wiring diagram created precisely for your satellite dish and system. Answer these questions to determine your exact satellite dish: What type of satellite dish do you have (Dish 300, 500, DirecTV Phase III, or other)? How many receivers are you installing?

Recognize your satellite receiver. If you are installing more than one receiver, this may change the diagram needed. What type of receiver are you using? High Definition receivers or DVR (digital video recorders) receivers may require different diagrams than other receivers. You can use the direct links to both DirecTV and Dish Network for more details about all of the various receivers they offer. If you do not know which receiver you have, look at the pictures provided on the sites to identify it.

Find the right wiring diagram for your satellite dish. If you did not receive a diagram with your satellite dish and you are unsure exactly which dish you have, you can use the links listed below in Additional Resources to locate both the diagram and the dish. Go to the website and locate the satellite dish you have (pictures are provided on the site). Click on the link provided to open the diagram.

Read the satellite dish diagram. A diagram will show illustrations of the precise installation of a satellite system. Each one may vary somewhat, but it will contain general information. You will see the dish with any other parts (switches, diplexers, ground blocks and so on) needed. A line will be drawn showing the exact connection needed from the dish through any parts and then connecting to the receiver. In order for your satellite system to work accurately, you must follow the exact procession shown on the diagram.