How to Port a Cell Phone Number

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

If you currently have a cell phone but are thinking about switching providers then you probably want to keep the same cell phone number. Luckily there is a way to do this and it's called porting your number to a new cell phone. As long as you are staying within the same geographical area, you can transfer your old phone number over to your new cell phone.

Keep your old cell phone and number active. Do not cancel your old service until the number has been successfully ported to your new service and phone.

Select a new cell phone plan and service provider and purchase a new cell phone that works with the new plan.

Tell your new cell phone plan provider that you want to port your old phone number onto your new phone.

Sit tight during the waiting period. It should not take more than 24 hours to port your number to your new phone. If it does, go back to the new cell phone provider and have them look at your account. You will know that your number has been ported when you can make phone calls from your new phone.

Cancel your old cell phone plan once the number is ported successfully. Do not make the mistake of thinking that because the old phone doesn't work anymore that you have closed your account. If you don't call to cancel the account you will continue to be charged.


You can also port a number to prepaid cell phones. You just have to call the customer service number for the prepaid phone provider.

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