How to Kill Prometheus in "God of War II"

By Matthew Anderson

Updated September 22, 2017

In "God of War II," Kratos' quest for vengeance will have him doing battle with nearly every creature from Greek mythology, including the legendary Titans. Players must kill one such titan, Prometheus, to gain the Rage of the Titans ability. However, unlike most enemies in the game, Prometheus cannot be killed directly. To kill Prometheus, players must first steal Typhon’s Bane, a bow and arrow weapon, then use the weapon to send Prometheus plummeting to a fiery grave.

Attack Prometheus on the fist-shaped statue until he is hanging by one chain.

Slide down the chain between two of the statue’s fingers.

Proceed along the path until you reach Typhon’s Cave.

Advance through the cave between gusts of Typhon’s breath. Use the rocks for shelter when he tries to blow you off the platform.

Smash the sparkling column when you reach it. This will create a new walkway.

Follow this walkway to Typhon’s eye.

Attack Typhon’s eye to receive the Typhon’s Bane.

Use the Typhon’s Bane to blind Typhon’s other eye. The bow automatically targets the eye.

Return to Prometheus and use the Typhon’s Bane on him. This will cause the last chain to snap, dropping him to his death.


Harpies will attack you once you reach the first rock in Typhon’s Cave. Grab attacks are the most effective way to kill them.