Football Games to Play on the Computer for Free

By Alan Donahue

Updated September 22, 2017

Madden NFL is one of the top-selling football video games of all time, but if you want to enjoy football video games without paying more than $50, an Internet connection will provide a large selection and variety of games. These games include full football action, mini challenges and multiplayer games. The games require simple Internet add-ons like Shockwave and Java to play, but each site offers the add-ons for free, if needed.

Goal Line Blitz

Hard-core football fans will love the comprehensive gaming found at Goal Line Blitz. The website requires players to sign up and offers three different gaming options. The Player Management game allows users to create a player from scratch and train him to become a professional player. The player goes through simulated games and earns spots on professional teams. The Team Ownership game is a multiplayer game to see who can make the best football franchise. This game details everything from the price of a hot dog to the color of the seats in the stadium. The owner also deals with signing players, dropping players and building a winning team. The Game Simulation option can be played on its own or through the other games. As the coach, you select plays and strategies to make your team successful and see how the plays are run.

EA Sports All-Star Football hosts an online football game that combines classic football arcade action with contemporary teams, players and graphics. Using an overhead view, players fill the role of quarterback and other positions against the computer or other players online. The game features a full-season mode and live chat with other players for tips or trash-talking.

Field Goal 3D hosts a large collection of games, and among them is the Lifesavers-sponsored Field Goal 3D. In this game, players use their mouse to aim a field goal kicker and set the placement of the ball. A single click moves up the power meter, and the next click chooses the accuracy. Make more field goals in a row to raise a player’s score.

American Football QB

This simple football game requires players to measure accuracy and avoid the defense. Use the Z and X buttons on the keyboard to guide a player back and forth. Wait for a receiver to get open and press the space bar to throw the ball. The game uses simple two-dimensional graphics and is a nice, quick game to play.

2 Minute Football 3D X hosts this 3-D football game where players make the plays. Instead of fully drawn figures, all the players have been replaced with helmets. The practice mode helps players get used to the controls, while the full-game mode puts players right into the action. Whichever team has the highest score after two minutes is declared the winner.