How to Connect an XBox 360 Wireless Controller to a PC

By Chappy Sinclair

Updated September 22, 2017

With the help of the official Wireless Gaming Receiver, you can connect your already owned Xbox 360 controllers to your PC. The Wireless Gaming Receiver is certified by Microsoft and the simplest way of merging the two. Up to four controllers can be connected to one receiver, which makes it an excellent tool for gaming.

Use 360 controller on PC

Connect your Wireless Gaming Receiver to an available USB port on your PC.

Wait for new hardware to be detected. Insert the driver disc that came with the Wireless Gaming Receiver into your PC.

Wait for the drivers to install automatically. You will be notified when the installation is complete.

Press the "Search" button on your Wireless Gaming Receiver to start searching for a wireless controller. The front light should be moving in a circle at this point.

Turn on your Xbox 360 controller. Press the "Search" button on top of the controller. After a few seconds, both the Wireless Gaming Receiver and Xbox 360 controller should sync. At this point, the Button Configuration Utility should pop up.

Use the Button Configuration Utility to calibrate the directional pads and change button inputs. Your controller is now fully operational.


If you're in the market for a new controller, save some money and get the "Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows." It is cheaper than buying the wireless receiver by itself and includes a new wireless controller along with the wireless receiver.