How to Find Your Internal IP Address in Windows

By Contributor

Updated September 28, 2017

Windows uses your computer's Internet Protocol address to identify itself to other computers on your network, the router or modem connecting you to the Internet and other network resources such as attached storage or shared printers. Local network sharing features may sometimes require you to see your computer's IP address when configuring the initial configuration. Fortunately, Windows 7 includes graphical tools to manage all networking aspects, including viewing updated IP address information.

Open the "Start" menu and click the "Control Panel" link. Click the "Network and Internet" section.

Click on "Network and Sharing Center." Click the "View status" link in the "Connection" section.

Click "Details" to see more information. In most cases, your IP address is listed next to "IPV4 IP Address." If your network uses version 6, it will be listed next to "IPV6 IP Address."