How to Create Video Intros

By Nick Davis

Updated October 03, 2017

You have just created an informative video to upload to the word wide web. It's the right size, the message is perfect and it is ready to go. One problem—there is no introduction to the video; the video just starts. Creating a video intro does not require any high-end equipment or software. All you need is software for video editing.

Write out what you want in the intro. You may want to include the title of the video, photos, graphics, the names of who created the video or a tagline. Depending on the length of the video, the intro should be about 30 seconds and not exceed 60 seconds.

Open Windows Movie Maker or another video editing software program. “Import” your finished video into the editing software.

Click on “Make titles or credits” or similar wording. Next, click on “Add title to the beginning if the movie” or similar wording to enter your title or other intro information. Your intro and title information will appear at the front of your video. If your video editing software has settings to make your title appear in another font or have some animation, you can click on those options to jazz up your intro.

Click “Done, add title to movie” or similar wording to complete the title creation process. Next, import any photographs or graphics you want to include. Once the import process is done, drag the photographs to your video's timeline. Add a transition to bridge the gap between the intro, photographs/graphics and your video.

Click on “Save to my computer” or similar wording to save the finished video once you are done adding the intro and any transitions. Use the same saving/compression settings you used on the original finished video. Once the video is saved, preview it to see if any changes are needed. Make any necessary changes to your intro and save your video again or upload your finished video to your server or other website.


If any animation tools are available to make your intro standout, use them. Your intro should be catchy and draw your audience in. Make a copy of your original video as a back up before adding your intro.