Games to Play at 4-H Meetings

By Racheal Ambrose

Updated September 22, 2017

Games make a 4-H meeting exciting. Organize your agenda to include the games at lulls or after a long discussion. Games help break tensions and relax members. If you want to use prizes, small items like candy bars or items catered toward their category would work. For example, if the winner is working on a home environment project, a few pieces of sandpaper would be helpful.

Ice Breakers

Ice breakers can be started as people arrive. Keep it simple. Hand each member three clothespins. Choose the forbidden word. If someone says the word anytime during the meeting, he loses a clothespin. The person with the most clothespins left at the end wins. Words can be what the theme for the meeting is, a name, 4-H or anything else. For a faster game, have everyone say one thing they are working on, along with their name. You can change what is said each week. Be sure to avoid repetition. Modify games to fit the club and age group.

Activity Games

Cater an activity game to your club’s mission for the day. For example, if you are working on gardening or in a gardening club, plant beans in Styrofoam cups. For general interest clubs, choose an activity from whatever people are signed up for. If a book is required, use meeting times to do the activities. It will get everyone moving and more familiar and knock some work out of the way. For cooking groups, use the activity as a snack or the meal. Divide everyone into teams and have a race or competition to make it more of a game. Have challenges like “Most Outrageous Cookie Design” or “Prettiest Scrapbook Page.”

Closing games

Closing games are a good way to end a meeting. Have everyone stand in a circle and say their goal for the week for something quick and simple. For a younger crowd, have a clean-up race. Divide members into teams. Whoever can clean up their area fastest and correctly wins.