How to Watch TV for Free on Your Computer

By Laurel Brown

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet connection

Watch TV for Free on Your Computer

Non-cable shows are free if you watch them on television, and those same shows can be free on your computer as well. There are many places on the Internet that offer television content, usually without any fee. It is relatively simple to watch such TV shows, and it is possible to watch every show that you would watch on TV on the Internet instead.

Search for "free TV online" on a search engine like Google. Many different sites come up, some legitimate and some illegitimate. Browse these sites to see if any have high-quality episodes of your show.

Look for the show you want to watch on network websites. Most programming is available from the networks shortly after the original air date and remains online for a period of time afterward.

Find websites that offer streaming video feed from television channels. Most of these sites are free and provide access to television from around the world.

Check out sites like, which offer many TV episodes for free. These sites contain both recent shows and older shows, derived from a variety of networks. The episodes are legitimately obtained and usually have ad content.

Find your shows at online video sites like YouTube. While most videos available on YouTube are too short for a full TV program, the site does offer some full television episodes.


Make sure your computer can handle the connection before you try to watch your show. You will need a fast connection and a fast-running computer. If there are problems, try closing other applications on your computer in order to speed up the viewing.


Unauthorized sites may offer your TV shows for free, but there are also problems. Watch out for spyware, viruses and illegal downloads in order to avoid trouble. Unauthorized sites also tend to lose content quickly as it is reported to the networks. If a video does not load, you can assume it was blocked or removed. While recently aired TV show episodes are usually easy to find, older episodes tend to disappear from network websites. You may need to use the illegitimate sites to find these episodes for free.