How to Watch ER Episodes Online

By Andrew Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

"ER" was a popular drama that aired on NBC for 15 seasons. Eventually, fans will be able to purchase the entire series on DVD. Until that day comes, though, you can find numerous "ER" episodes online. Watching "ER" online gives you the option of replaying the last season of the show or finding episodes that you may have missed during previous seasons. You also get to save your money, as watching "ER" episodes online won't cost you a penny.

Watch "ER" episodes on the official NBC website (see Resources). Users can watch full episodes from Season 15 of "ER" as well as clips from older seasons and interviews with "ER" cast members. Scroll through the "ER" videos and select the episode you wish to watch. A new page will open, and the episode will begin playing.

Find "ER" episodes on Hulu. Just as the NBC website does, Hulu hosts both "ER" clips and full episodes. You can find an entire list of episodes and clips on the "ER" page on Hulu (see Resources). Click on one of the videos, and the "ER" episode will begin playing.

Try looking for "ER" episodes on Surf the Channel (see Resources). Surf the Channel contains links for "ER" episodes from each season of the show. These episodes have been uploaded by users. Click one episode, and you will see several links for that particular episode. Click “Watch This Video” next to the link of your choice. The "ER" episode will begin playing in a new window.

Search for ER episodes on TV Duck (see Resources). As with Surf the Channel, "ER" episodes listed on TV Duck have been uploaded by other users. Click one of the links, and numerous episode links will appear beneath the title of the episode. Then, click the “Play” button next to one of the links, and a new window will appear with a video player. Click “Play.”


As with other TV shows, links to "ER" episodes may be added or removed from any of these websites at any time. Because of this fact, it's a good idea to check all four websites a few times a week to see if any missing episode links were added.