How to Crack/hack Password Protected Zip Files

by ContributorUpdated September 28, 2017

You thought you were smart. You would put a password on your zip file, Genius!

But now you have either lost the password or forgotten it.

The files are gone forever..right?

Nope, let me explain how to get the password and the files back. It's easy.

You will need a brute force attack program that will try millions of passwords on the zip file until it gets the correct one. It can take minutes to months depending on how hard you made the password. You just have to think how important the files are to you.

I have personally forgotten my passwords before and used a brute force attack application to regain the password and the files in mere minutes.

So let's begin..

Finding a brute force attack application:

I searched Google for "hack password protected zip file program" and found this application

You can look for others if this one is out of your price range or you want one with more features.

You can also try searching for keywords like : "hack zip file" "crack zip file:

Now that you have the brute force attack application you install it and set it to attack your locked zip file.

In no time you will have your files and the password back.



Patience (It might take time to crack the zip file)


WRITE down the password in a safe place once you regained it

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