Sniper Elite Instructions

By Denise Sullivan

Updated September 22, 2017

Sniper Elite is set in 1945, during World War II's Berlin conflict. As an American sniper, you must prevent the Russian army from stealing the atomic bomb from the Germans. You use weaponry, but also stealth and camouflage, disguising yourself as a German soldier in order to kill enemies without being detected.


Movement in Sniper Elite is limited to walking and running. You cannot jump to avoid enemy fire. When in danger, you can crouch or lie prone. You can run while crouching, which keeps you from being fully exposed, but it is slow. When behind cover or entering a room, expose your shooting arm first so you do not shoot directly into a wall. As you move through the game, you can also reload, pick up items and change weapons.

Types of Weapons

At the beginning of the game, you have a pistol with an eight-round clip, silencer and 16 rounds of ammunition. Kill enemy soldiers to find new weapons and replenish ammunition. Try to use the same gun as your enemies to be sure supplies will be plentiful.

Most of the time, enemies carry machine guns or submachine guns, but occasionally you may find a sniper whose rifle you can pick up. Be careful when using it, though, because reloading is slow and you can be exposed to enemy fire.

There is only one type of heavy-duty weapon available, the Panzershrek. Ammunition for this bazooka-style weapon is extremely limited, so shoot it only to demolish a tank.

Using Explosives

Throw or place explosives to do major damage. The standard pineapple-shaped frag grenades provide the most power, but does not travel as far as the stick-style grenades. TNT bundles are versatile and can be either thrown or set in place. Either way, you have to shoot it to set it off. Set C4 bombs to go off after you've gotten away by using their timers. You can also lay down trip-wire grenades, which will go off with a wire is stepped on.