How to Watch Full Episodes of Fox TV for Free Online

By Jule Pamplin

Updated September 22, 2017

Until recently few full TV episodes were available for viewing on the Internet, and those that could be found online were on obscure sites and were sometimes illegal recordings. Now, networks are providing full episodes on their own sites. The Fox network provides one of the slickest and easiest web sites for viewers to watch full episodes of their favorite shows.

How to Watch Full Episodes of FOX TV shows for Free Online.

Access the internet. Use any browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.)

Type "" in the address bar. Press "Enter."

Click "Watch Full Episodes" at the top left of the Fox home page.

Choose the show you'd like to watch from the menu that appears. If the show you are looking for is not on the menu, click "See All Full Episodes" at the bottom right corner of the menu.

Click the show title you would like to view. The next page that opens will have a viewer screen to the left of the page. You will be given the option to load and install the Fox player. Doing so will allow you to watch Fox shows faster and in full-screen mode.


The Fox site allows you to watch shows that are broadcast in high-definition.

You are also able to watch your show in a smaller window while completing other tasks on your computer, or you can select "Full Screen" and turn your computer into a TV.


Viewing some shows will require that you sit through advertisements, though there are fewer commercials than in a normal broadcast.